Bites & Pieces
Tasty, sustainable and innovative

We deliver happines and nuts world wilde.

Bites & Pieces
From source to shelf

Our goal is to deliver healty, tasty products to clients all over the world!

Bites & Pieces
Let's share a healty world

Together with our partners we create a strong and hounest chain

Bites & Pieces
We cooperate with industry leaders

Working with preferred suppliers we are able to deliver top notch products

We have a wide choice of nuts, bars and dried fruits
Together we can create even more

Because of partnerships with some of Europe’s best snack suppliers, we can supply innovative and high quality products against competitive prices.

Healthy snacks

When you are looking for a healthy in-between snack we can provide whatever you like. From high rotating peanut-, cashew- or sesambars to innovative power fruitbars.

(Dry roasted) Nuts
High quality products

We have many years of experience and selected the most reliable suppliers world wide. With more than 40 flavours and over 20 packaging possibilities, we are able to create a tailor-made consumer product.

Dried fruits
Juicy, tasty bites

Indulge yourself with world's finest. As a single product, mixed with our premium nuts or processed in one of our fantastic nutbars, you will be able to tempt your customers.

Be smart, be sustainable

Our organic products are sustainable. Do you want to be part of an emerging market?!

Bites & Pieces
Private and fancy label

All our products can be supplied under your own or our brand. For the retail market we offer a wide variety of products and packagings. With our combined knowledge of what consumers prefer most, we can create exactly that specific good selling item.

We believe in close cooperations and partnerships with our customers and suppliers. This allows us to supply against competative prices and to create great efficiency. Furthermore we love to collaborate to find new products.

Packages Bites & Pieces

From source to shelf

We believe in partnerhips with our suppliers and customers.

  • Bites & Pieces

Your quality supplier

Vamvalis SA is a processor and packer of nuts and nutbars. With the greatest care they create beautiful, tasty and healthy bites for you. We are proud to work with them!

  • Bites & Pieces

We know what they like!

We love spicy and sweet with a little taste of salt. Of course there are hundreds of variations; but what's the recipe in the creation of super bites?

  • Bites & Pieces

Join in
Our products on your shelves

The best product on your shelves is what you want. It’s clear we have the same goal. Let’s get started en do the right thing!

Beautiful products

Many of us eat nuts, nutbars and dried fruits every day. So it is important to have high quality ingredients that - together - form the ideal healty and tasty bite.

The organic market is growing. Are your store shelves prepared for new and better bites and pieces. Come along, we will help you...

Bites and Pieces

Happy Consumers


Great Products


% growth on organic



I'm on a seafood diet, I see food and eat it


Healthy curiousity is a great key in innovation


Quality is doing it right when no one is looking


We are bites & pieces          

Our goal is to make your world more tasty & healthier

We are creative          
"We love to create good food"

The look, feel and taste of a product consists of many variables. We have shown to be able to find creative concepts. Have you met our own Gordon Ramsay?

Professional and sustainable
"Good business"

We are going to give 110% to give our customers quality, honest and delicious bites.

We are innovative
"Experience new bites"

With intelligent partners we are capable of inventing new teasing, tasty bites & pieces which are above all healthy.

Quality assured
"Certified thus satisfied"

Our partners are; IFS, AIB, KOSHER, ORGANIC and ISO 22000 certified.

Full of passion
"Share our love"

Living a joyful, healthy life is a goal for many. Our passion is to make this attainable for anyone who cares. There are pieces for everyone.

"We like to get to know you"

Nick Meeder


We like to get to know you, your company and your customers needs!